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New business, with absolutely fantastic people behind it. I had a question which I asked through their website and almost immediately got a response. Had the pleasure of speaking with Alhann and Gary via email, whom helped me place my pre order. If this is the way they continue to do business, they’ll be the next big brand in motor sports. A+ 10/10 recommend! Thank you all so much! -Nikki

Nicole Alexandra

Excellent products and service!


Gary @ Suvneer Motorsports is a true car enthusiast and a Gentleman. The products offered are fantastic and rare, some of which are only available through Suvneer.

I’ve purchased a Carbon Lip for my 4 Series and cannot wait for it to arrive tomorrow.

I wouldn’t hesitate a single Moment in recommending Gary and Suvneer Motorsports to anyone.

Here’s to a long a great relationship from a friend across the Pond (UK). The first of many transactions to come. 👍

Keep up the fantastic work.

Gavin Downes

Suvneer is the GO TO for quality aftermarket products. I own an W211 E55 and will be fitting it with a lot of Suvneer products. The owner is an A+ stand up guy and their products are amazing. Highly recommend.

Fredrick Santarpio

The shipping is quick. Love the product.

Wally Nguyen

Just made my 3rd purchase with suvneer this week and just as the first two purchases The owner Gary’s communication is awesome and the shipping is fast. Products always as described and reasonably priced. I recommend suvneer to all my friends.


Great customer service and awesome products! Looking forward for more! Thank you!

Sergio Salas