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W211 AMG Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Side Splitters

W211 AMG Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Side Splitters



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W211 E55 & E63 Sedan Only 2003-2009
W211 E Class With AMG Rear Bumper 2003-2006
W212 E63 Sedan & Wagon 2010-2012
W212 E Class Sport Package Sedan & Wagon 2010-2012

2 in stock

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Suvneer carbon fiber rear bumper side splitters for W211 E55 and E63 are 1 of our best seller for W211 chassis. They are a must have for balancing the flow from the front lip to the rear bumper splitters / diffuser. They are mounted with self tapping screws and washers. They are worth the investment!

They also fit the W212 preface E-Class with Sport Package and E63 sedan and wagon!

Build Material: fiber-reinforced polymer & glossy carbon fiber overlay 

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