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F22 F87 GTS Designed Aluminum Hood

F22 F87 GTS Designed Aluminum Hood



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F22 F23 coupe & convertible 2012 – 2019
F87 M2, M2 Competition, & M2 CS 2014 – 2019

1 in stock

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Suvneer is the biggest importer & stocking vendor for the BMW GTS hood. The reason why we invest so much into the GTS hood is because of the fitment is like OEM. Direct bolt on and no modification required. F3X, F22, and even F87 M2’s factory hood is 36.6 lbs vs our aluminum 16.3 lbs. The GTS hood provides the style, cooling, and weight reduction that our cars need!

Additional item(s): plastic vent insert

Build material: aluminum

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