W204 Black Series Designed Front Bumper

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W204 C Class Coupe & Sedan 2008-2014
Does not fit C63 AMG

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Our Black Series Designed front bumper is made for regular C Class 08-14. Direct plug and play for 12-14 coupe and sedan models. For the 08-11, the bumper will also fit but due to the headlight is slightly different than the 12-14 model, there will be a gap between the bumper and the headlights. To close the gap, there is a bolt for each side of the headlight that allows you to adjust the position of the headlight.

*This bumper does not fit C63 AMG model. The fenders on the C63 are wider than the regular C class.

Additional items: lower mesh grilles, canards, washer covers, & tow hook cover

Build material: polypropylene